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Appointment of New Board Membership:

MOSAIC began its 7th year with the addition of four new Board Members:  Anne Davis East (Davis East Consulting), Marc Hutt (The Daily Democrat), and David and Julie Mata (Mata Realty) joined us as new Board Members.  Executive Board consists of:

  • Jennifer Cruickshank, President
  • David Mata, Vice President
  • Wanda Montgomery, Secretary
  • Julie Mata, Treasurer

Scott Montgomery remains as Board Member, and Janet Vaughan remains as the Executive Director.  MOSAIC would like to thank Lynn Arner for her commitment and direction for the last three years.  We appreciate everything she’s done and will do as the Chairperson of the Exhibits Committee.

Back to the Community

As the City events are starting back up again, MOSAIC will take part in many of them.  Watch the Calendar for the different County, City, and Community Events and locations.  We look forward to working with the families again throughout the year.

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