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If you saw the lead article in the Daily Democrat of February 28th or you have seen the sign in the window of the Western Wear building on 1st and Main, you have an inkling that something named MOSAIC is going to be there sometime.  Yes, we will but first a lot of construction has to happen!

We are MOSAIC Children’s Museum and we were lucky enough to acquire 539 Main from the very generous Dave Schmauderer. Now the real work begins…structural engineers are looking at the building and giving us a good idea of what will have to be done to bring the building built in 1861 up to 2017 museum and federal disability compliance standards.  Our goal is to make the building safe and accessible for all children and a real treasure for our community.

The estimate to restore the building to two full stories and meet code is approximately $3.5 million.  We are in the process of planning a capital campaign to raise the money from the community.  Dave and Julie Mata and Janet Vaughan have enlisted Meg Stallard to help approach community leaders and donors to start the campaign off.  We already have a donor who has pledged to buy one of our many planned exhibits for her grandson!  And a generous community member has offered to design and create the store front of the building for the cost of materials. Watch this site to see updates on where we are in our quest!

Thanks for your interest and watch this news site for more information!

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